Whole & Happy Youth & Families

Youth growing up in the 21st century have a whole new set of challenges that previous generations didn’t face. This has resulted in increased depression, anxiety, bullying, addictions, fears and other challenges. While every parent does their best, most are not equipped with the skills to support the individual needs of every child while they are also working and dealing with whatever life throws at them every day.

Whole and Happy Youth and Families is here to help with tools to:

  • Communicate compassionately
  • Feel heard and supported
  • Build trust and respect
  • Express your authentic self
  • Share difficult emotions
  • Rely on each other while growing independence
  • De-escalate stressful situations
  • Show love and gratitude for one another
  • Have patience through conflict and growth
  • Create agreements and recognize shared values
  • Transition families – through parental changes and growing children

family counselorThe tools of working with youth and families are the very similar to the tools of Whole and Happy Relationships, but cater to serving the needs of youth and family dynamics. When we bring our whole selves into our families, we allow the natural state of happiness to be the background of life. That doesn’t mean there won’t be difficult times or that we’ll always “feel happy.” It means that in the midst of the conflicts and challenges that every family faces, we’ll be able to continue showing up authentically and let go of stories around being unhappy because of other people.

What if our family is complex or nontraditional?

Great! I’ve been in polyamorous relationships for nearly a decade and love to help people maneuver the complexities of multiple connections and nontraditional families with more ease and grace. Or maybe you’re thinking of shifting your parenting structure and want some support in making that transition. In Whole and Happy Families, there is no standard of how your family structure should look. We work with how you’ve chosen to create your life and help you bring the most authenticity into your daily challenges and celebrations. We can also look at what you’ve chosen thus far and see if other options might be worth exploring.

Should we come as a family?

Yes and no. Every person has their own personality and their own challenges to face in life and within the family dynamic. Whole and Happy Youth and Families works best when everyone has their own sessions for their own growth AND we also have agreements and goals as a family. Some sessions will be with individuals and some with 2 or more people. We can arrange the specific needs of your family.

Why Whole and Happy?

Becoming aware and conscious is a path that asks us to get real with ourselves and how we live in the world every moment. When we sign up to become more Whole and Happy, we learn to explore unconscious aspects of ourselves, which invites an increased awareness of ourselves, how we connect with those around us, and how to cultivate loving, supportive, and engaged families. We get to uncover the latent happiness that is the core of our being by becoming whole, a path of self-growth and supported exploration. The most important part is the personal practices that you do on your own, which will evolve during our work together.

What do sessions look like?

I create a safe, confidential space of sharing, guidance and education for my clients to explore what’s alive for them and help uncover what’s in the way of feeling whole and happy. That might look like sharing, guided meditation, role-playing, breathing techniques, hatha yoga, bodywork, visualizations, dialogue, and/or direct feedback. Each session is 1.5 – 2 hours (depending on age and energy level), giving us time to dive in deeper than traditional mind-based therapy and unpack what’s trapped in the body, emotional awareness, mental practices and opening the heart.

My personal experience:

I am passionate about Whole and Happy Families because bringing more and more consciousness to my own relationships has transformed my life and my relationship with my birth and chosen families. As the path has unfolded before me, hidden gems have come out of the woodwork and continue to surprise me with what new aspects of myself they uncover. Living these values has drastically changed and helped how I relate with my family, friends, and partners. I am more grounded when I feel triggered or defensive. I can speak my truth while clearly and kindly expressing my needs and desires. And I’m able to use my conscious and unconscious mind to manifest what I actually want, not the repetitive, habitual thoughts that used to keep me stuck.

Okay, now what?

If you are ready to bring more authenticity and joy into your family, I encourage you to get in touch with me. Depending on your location, sessions can be in person – in office, in home, or online. For the most comprehensive work, a package of six to ten sessions can start to create new patterns, communication techniques and tendencies. Each session is unique based on the needs of each person and the family.

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Sliding Scale Packages for Families:

Single Session: $150-$250
Three Sessions: $450-$650
Six Sessions: $850-1250
Ten Sessions: $1450-1850

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