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Tantra Immersion: A Year-Long Journey with Grace Bryant

The teachings of Tantra give us specific practices, techniques and understandings of how to find the deep questions answers from within and how to orient ourselves toward a more holistic life.


This course offers a life-changing journey where fundamental spiritual topics are introduced in both theory and practice. This includes tantric yoga, meditation and esoteric knowledge of the intimate inner workings of the physical body, energies and chakras (energy centers), emotional patterns and tendencies, mindfulness and exploration of consciousness – including subconscious tendencies and expanding our conscious awareness, as well as the revelation of our ultimate nature.

Dates: Sept 2024-Sept 2025

The Critical Intersection of Race & Sex for Parents

This online course is focused on white parents unpacking the culture of sexuality and race they were raised with. Our curiosity-based classes will offer a balanced awareness of your own sexuality and the culture you are bringing to your children.


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Ready to commit to yourself?

The 21 Day Spiritual Integration Series is here for you. Join a virtual 21-day meditation challenge: an online guided journey to integrate all that has come before you and move with a fresh step into what’s to come. Get ready for the new version of YOU.

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Online Courses