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Tantra Immersion

Karma Yoga Module

Thursdays, April 25-June 20 (no class May 23)

Morning Class 9:30am-11:45am pst

Evening Class 6:00-8:15pm pst

Welcome to the Karma Yoga Module of the Tantra Immersion!

This module has been created from the genuine need and desire we are collectively feeling to work and act in a different way, a way that is more connected to our Source and our Heart. No matter what “work” or “action” looks like in your life, the liberating path of Karma Yoga can amplify the joy and freedom you feel as you engage with it.
This 8-week module calls into question not just what we are doing in the world, but more importantly how we are engaged with it.

  • How are we getting through the countless actions we take every day?
  • How are we relating with people in our lives?
  • How are we relating with ourselves as people in motion in the 21st century?

Our inquiry will center around the concept of Karma Yoga, which means yoga (re-uniting with our deepest Self) of action. Weekly practices (both sitting and gentle movement-oriented practices which can be adapted for your body’s needs) will support your understanding and application of Karma Yoga in daily life. Teachings will invite a broad conceptual understanding, with many access-points of how to apply this awareness throughout our days.

The path of Karma Yoga is accessible for everyone who would like to cultivate more awareness, more compassion, and more centeredness. No dogma or religious beliefs are necessary, and all cultural backgrounds are welcome. We will learn both the traditional understanding of karma and Karma Yoga, as well as what 2024 looks and feels like for a karma yogi.

Weekly Topics Include:

  • Consecration
  • Non-attachment
  • Humbleness
  • Sublimation of Emotions into the Heart
  • Forms of Meditation to support Karma Yoga
  • Movement with the Hridaya Yoga attitudes


This module is for anyone who has participated in a Hridaya Yoga or Tantra Immersion module or silent retreat. We will start with a short review of the basic principles of Hridaya yoga, and then dive directly into karma yoga teachings founded in the ideals of Living with an Open Heart.

Cost for 8-week course

Sliding Scale $295-$450

One-time payment due April 25 or Two payments due April 25 and May 25

Scholarships and additional payment plans available. Please contact Grace to inquire.

About Your Instructor:

Grace Bryant (identifies as northern European descendant white, gender non-binary, queer/pan-sexual, polyamorous, middle class, able-bodied) loves inviting people into the shadows, discomfort and fun of sex, sexuality & intimacy, community building, anti-oppression, and dismantling our inherited and created conditions. They co-founded Sacred Embodiment Community whose vision promotes connection and transformation through social change, awakened embodiment, conscious relating and spiritual liberation. Grace offers intimacy, relationship, spirituality and life coaching through touch & bodywork, energy work, emotional awareness and mindfulness. They are exceptionally grateful for all of the communities, colleagues and badass people in their life who inspire creativity in the chaos and have taught them so many tools of radical acceptance, and personal and societal dismantling. Learn more at