Sex + Intimacy Coaching

Are you ready to live in your empowered sexuality?
Are you willing to discover and ask for what you want sexually?
Are you craving deeper intimate connection?
Is it time to master intimate relationships with fearlessness?
Are you ready to take your sex life to a whole new level?

As human beings, we share a deep need to be loved in an intimate way. The specific expressions of that craving are unique to each individual, and I love helping people uncover those desires and figure out how to manifest them in your life.

Whole and Happy Intimacy Sessions give you access to tools to look your sexuality in the eye and start being honest about what you really want. Depending on where you’re coming from, this may include:

  •       Learning to accept your sexuality
  •       Uncovering your unique sexual passion
  •       Becoming more vulnerable and deeply intimate
  •       Asking for what you desire and need
  •       Learning to set boundaries around your sexuality
  •       Identifying fears manifesting in your life and learning how to stop fear-based patterns
  •       Re-awakening your dormant passion and sexuality
  •       Learning how to turn your sex life into a love life
  •       Adopting Tantric sexual practices for a whole life transformation

There is a deep happiness that comes from getting real with your desires and freeing yourself from everything that is not uniquely YOU. Whole and Happy Intimacy Sessions invite this freedom, not necessarily by transforming your external world – although that shift can sometimes be helpful – but by removing the lenses that keep you locked in an inauthentic version of you. Whole and Happy Intimacy Sessions give you the courage and confidence to ask for and manifest what you truly want. 

Why Intimacy Training?

Becoming conscious of our relationship with intimacy and sexuality is a path that leads us to get real with ourselves. What influences have shaped our sexuality and affect how we relate with ourselves and others sexually? How do we express or inhibit ourselves? What level of consent do we give in our intimate and sexual relationships? Are we in charge of our own sexuality?

Whole & Happy Intimacy Sessions give you the supported space to explore sacred and hidden aspects of yourself, inviting a deeper exploration of Self, how you connect with those around you, and how to cultivate loving, supportive, and passionate relationships. A juicy side effect is also becoming empowered in your sexuality, preparing yourself to find your perfect partner, and/or deepening the intimacy and spark with your current partner(s). 

Is this only for people in relationships?

Not at all! I love working with individuals at whatever stage of life and in any kind of relationship().. If you want to be happy in yourself and bring that happiness into your intimate connections or start manifesting empowered sexual relationships, Whole and Happy Intimacy Sessions will set you on the right path. You can feel into how working together might bring more clarity and confidence into your life. 

What if my relationships are complex or nontraditional?

Great! I’ve been in polyamorous relationships for nearly a decade and love to help people maneuver the complexities of multiple connections with more ease and grace. Or maybe you’re thinking of opening up your relationship for the first time and want some support in making that transition. In Whole and Happy Intimacy Sessions, there are no standards for how your relationship structures should look. You and I will work with how you’ve chosen to create your life to help you bring the most authentic you into your intimate relationships. We can also look at what structures you’re currently in and see if other options might be worth exploring. 


As a queer person, I understand the social pressures and challenges that can exist as an LGBTQ+ individual. And the challenges around sexual expression and asking for what you want that can manifest as particular social stigmas or feelings of being stuck. We can work together to help you feel more at home in your skin and explore the intimate and sexual expressions that feel best to you.

Self-Love and acceptance, uninhibited sexual expression, and speaking your truth could be practices we work on together. Or maybe tools around dating, being in long-term relationships, or letting yourself experience the pleasure you deserve. There is no one-size-fits-all human, or relationship. I’m excited to know YOU, where you come from, and where you want to go in your sex life. 

If I have a partner, should we come together?

I’m happy to work with couples or individuals within a partnership, so it’s completely up to you. If you think the challenges are coming from areas you need to personally open and find new awareness, then working one-on-one might be a better way to start. If you are looking for tools to know each other better, physically, emotionally and more, training together might be more beneficial.

Couples Intimacy Sessions are really fun and give you a chance to practice new ideas and skills on each other. This is done in a safe and consensual space and allows all parties to start asking for what they want with more confidence and learning the joys of both giving and receiving intimate love. Sessions can also include new ways to sexually satisfy your partner, experience deeper and longer orgasms, try Tantric intimate massage and conscious touch, and surrender into your own intimacy.

Intimacy CoachContact me and we can decide what’s best for your relationship.

What do sessions look like?

I create a safe, confidential space of sharing, guidance and education for my clients to explore what’s alive for them and help uncover what’s in the way of feeling whole and happy in their unique sexuality. That might look like talking, guided meditation, role-playing, breathing techniques, hatha yoga, conscious touch and bodywork, visualizations, and/or direct feedback. Each session is 2 hours, giving us time to dive in deeper than traditional mind-based therapy and work with every layer of our being: physical body, energy, emotions, mind, and heart.

Does Intimacy Training mean sex therapy?

No. But it may look similar depending on your needs and desires. My approach incorporates both ancient and modern practices of empowered sexuality which will look unique with every individual or couple.

What I’ve learned from the world of sacred sexuality is that sexuality is the most powerful force within us – and often the most neglected. Even if you’ve been able to educate yourself about sexuality (amidst the constant stream of negativity, stereotypes, and taboo in our culture), you may not have found fertile ground to grow this knowledge in a safe and nurturing space. This deep empowerment is often part of our work. 

People have experienced:

  • Connecting more authentically with yourself and others
  • Reclaiming your sensuality, sexuality, and your unique vibrant expressive self
  • Breaking through blockages to empower your choices
  • Uncovering fears and shadows that hold you back from having the most fulfilling sex and intimate life
  • Accessing more sexuality within your being and learn to live from a place of sexual empowerment and confidence
  • Discovering your orgasmic potential
  • Gaining sensitivity to parts of yourself you’ve turned off and learn how to control overly sensitive parts
  • Replacing anxiety, worry, stress, and mental triggers with openness, centeredness, and Self-Love
  • Feeling more balanced, empowered, grounded, and uplifted in your everyday life

My personal experience:

I am passionate about Intimacy work because bringing more and more consciousness to my own sexuality has transformed my life in unbelievable ways. I’ve gone from being afraid to ask for what I want or honestly share my sexual desires to being fully empowered to ask for and give the orgasms I want, to surrender deeply in Love with my partners and to share honestly about my sex life with complete strangers. I am more grounded when I feel triggered or defensive. I can speak my truth while clearly and kindly expressing my needs and desires. And I’m able to use my conscious and unconscious mind to manifest what I actually want, not the repetitive, habitual thoughts that used to keep me stuck.

Intentionally connecting with my own sexuality has caused so much growth in myself and my spirituality. I’m better able to learn lessons as I go and accept the mess of being human and being in relationship with other humans. For me, it’s finding the balance between presence and surrender in every moment and learning to never sacrifice my personal self-expression for what someone else wants or thinks. I’ve learned that every experience can be a teacher if I am open to receiving the message and learning from my mistakes, relationships, and intuition.

Read a little more about my path in my article, Loving Fearlessly.

Okay, now what?

This work is where the magic happens. If you are ready to be fully empowered in your sexuality, I encourage you to get in touch with me.

All sessions are currently offered online or via phone. Contact me to schedule a free 30-min intro call and talk about what intimacy and sexuality coaching might look like for you.


Sliding Scale – 90-Minute Session: $100-250 per session

Your payment is up to you. If you have financial needs beyond this scale, please talk with me. If you’re able to pay towards the higher end of the scale, you’ll be supporting others to access coaching.

Sliding Scale Packages for Individuals or Couples:

Single Session: $150-$250
Three Sessions: $450-$650
Six Sessions: $850-1250
Ten Sessions: $1450-1850

Scholarships and Trades available. Please ask.

What people have experienced…

Thank you, Grace, for holding the container for me to make so many positive movements forward in my journey of sexual enlightenment and freedom. Our time together has changed my life in ways I never thought possible. In our work together I received so much clarity about all of my past and present relationships. Words cannot begin to describe…”  – Mary, Wisconsin

“If there is a modern day living sage/goddess/shakti teacher, Grace is her in the flesh. I don’t know anyone else so devoted and devout in living her truth as Grace. This truth I speak of is self-love cultivation, female power resurrection, chakra health and tantric sexuality health regeneration, compassion and interconnectedness in everything for all. Above all, Grace is a powerful teacher and spiritual coach who gifts us her mystical teachings through a modern day palatable lens. Thank you Grace!”  – Jen, Seattle

Grace creates an accessible, welcoming and safe environment that is both heart-warming and inspiring. Her energy and passion for what she does is infectious, so much so that a room full of strangers at the beginning of a weekend can feel like family by the end. You will be energized, challenged, comforted and much, much more. I cannot recommend her work enough.– Ben, South Korea

You have provided me with a lifetime of different practices to empower me to really listen and look deeply into what my body, mind and heart need daily to offer up my best self. I felt so loved and cherished in the sacred and safe space you immediately created. This experience will live on in my heart forever.” – Nancy, Seattle

When we talk, be sure to tell me which of the topics below resonate with you!

Intimacy Sessions for individuals could include:

  • Reclaiming your inner sacredness and power
  • Understanding your sexual energy and sexuality
  • Reprogramming negative thought patterns around body image
  • Unlocking orgasmic potential and experiencing full body orgasm
  • Releasing trauma stored in the body
  • Becoming a better lover
  • Reigniting that spark in a relationship
  • Deepening your capacity for surrender
  • Stepping into your empowered feminine and/or masculine
  • Discovering how to be a better lover
  • Increasing virility and longevity
  • Letting go of fears around intimacy
  • Healing wounds from past relationships
  • Opening the heart
  • Becoming mindful and present

Sessions for Couples/Polycules could include ALL of the above, plus:

  • Tools for more effective communication
  • Understanding your partner better
  • Unlocking blockages to find deeper, more fulfilling connection
  • How to turn each other on again
  • New tricks for the bedroom that you KNOW you partner will enjoy
  • Mastering sexual energy and learning to channel it together
  • Turning your sex life into a love life

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