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  • I felt so close and safe with you. Thank you.

    Cat, Seattle
  • Thank you for holding the container for me to make so many positive movements forward in my journey of sexual enlightenment and freedom. Our time together has changed my life in ways I never thought possible. In our work together I received so much clarity about all of my past and present relationships. Words cannot begin to describe…

    Mary, Wisconsin
  • You have provided me with a lifetime of different practices, empowering me to really listen and look deeply into what my body, mind and heart need daily to offer up my best self. Being a part of the sacred and safe space you immediately created, I felt loved and cherished.  This experience will live on in my heart forever.

    Nancy, Seattle
  • Grace is an incredibly thoughtful and mindful individual whose amazing character undoubtedly flows over into her instruction.

    Christine, South Korea
  • Building a relationship with Grace this past year and a half has changed my life. From our first conversations, she saw the parts of my life that weren’t happy and offered her own story and yoga practices to empower me to reach what I actually wanted. As we got to know each other better, Grace pushed me to work through the issues that came up in my life, to strive for more happiness. She gently helped me see patterns I had that I could change, if I realized them and decided to break them. She often created mantras for me and wrote them on sticky notes on my desk to remind me that I was capable of handling situations I’d believed I was unable to deal with well. She also helped me see how to focus on the positives in a relationship and to continue to be honest about where I am Above all that, her constant reminders to be mindful of where I am and what I feel have helped me be able to take a step back from any negative emotions or experiences and realize that it’s just an experience and I can keep going with awareness.

    Heather, Texas
  • Thank you so much for your kind and truthful words, Grace. I am so inspired by you. You radiate such positive energy, grace and humility.

    Hannah, Thailand
  • If there is a modern day living sage/goddess/shakti teacher, Grace is her in the flesh. I don’t know anyone else so devoted and devout in living her truth as Grace. This truth I speak of is self-love cultivation, female power resurrection, chakra health and tantric sexuality health regeneration, compassion and interconnectedness in everything for all. Above all, Grace is a powerful teacher and spiritual coach who gifts us her mystical teachings through a modern day palatable lens. Thank you Grace! 

    Jen, Seattle


  • Your weekend retreat was truly a mind-altering experience for me. The struggles of the day are the same, but my attitude towards them are different. And I am so grateful for it.

    Dana, South Korea
  • The Hridaya 3-day Silent Retreat was truly a Divine experience! Grace created a safe, loving space for every individual to sink into themselves, explore Spirit, their hearts, to express, to find peace and to heal. I felt deeply reconnected to my heart after this retreat, and felt a greater sense of clarity and peace for the following weeks. I loved that I finally found a place where I could fully experience spiritual solitude, even among others. I even learned new techniques to find peace within myself even after the retreat! I plan on attending more of Grace’s Silent Retreats in the future, and absolutely recommend this incredible experience to anyone that is looking for a space to relax, heal, and to connect with their heart.

    Senna, Seattle
  • Thank you for the miraculous weekend retreat!

    Ronda, Portland
  • This is the first time I felt my heart release. Thank you.

    Stefan, Seattle
  • About a year ago I realized I had been closing my heart off, just to survive – to avoid dealing with or feeling pain. After this retreat, I am well on the path to living with a more open heart and to uncovering my heart again.

    Una, South Korea
  • Thank you again for creating such a welcoming, safe space. After the retreat, I have noticed a greater sense of detachment from the external drama surrounding me in my workplace.

    Caroline, South Korea
  • Grace has inspired me to make meditation a regular practice in my life and has helped me learn an integral part of yoga.

    Jenna, California
  • Grace creates an accessible, welcoming and safe environment that is both heart-warming and inspiring. Her energy and passion for what she does is infectious, so much so that a room full of strangers at the beginning of a weekend can feel like family by the end. You will be energized, challenged, comforted and much, much more. I cannot recommend her work enough.

    Ben, South Korea
  • From the moment I met Grace at a retreat and she gave me a welcoming hug, I knew she was intelligent, thoughtful, caring and calm. Her style of instruction is genuine and modest and she uses her extensive knowledge of yoga and meditation to make others feel welcome to the practice. During guided meditation sessions, her voice is comforting and allows her students to feel secure as they explore their own consciousness. It’s amazing she that she has achieved so much in so short of a time and I’m excited to see where she ends up.

    Sumit, South Korea
  • Grace is one of those people you naturally gravitate towards – a positive force that lights up any room, a warm smile and attentive, kind ear. Her events reflect these natural traits and are meticulously organized, so well planned-out and thorough. Grace is always open to help more and hear more, and she creates a great community in her workshops and classes.

    Simone, California
  • Grace is a genuine and patient yoga teacher. She offers a welcoming environment in which to explore and reflect, regardless of your experience level. She encourages you to grow and take risks, and has a great enthusiasm for her practice. I have come out of all of my experiences with her feeling a sense of calm and balance.

    Karen, South Korea


  • Grace is a deeply committed practitioner. She has made the sacrifices and taken the risks for her path. It shows in her gentle, compassionate, powerful presence. She meets students where they are, and spots them as they climb to the next level, physically and spiritually. Grace has helped me pivot my own life. May you find your contact with her equally transformational.

    Ben, Seattle
  • I feel like I need to explicitly express my gratitude to you because you introduced me to yoga. And I really appreciate how you approached yoga when you taught it to me, because I’m not sure it would be as important to me if it wasn’t for you. When times are tough, I always remember something you used to say, which was along the lines of “aspire toward the good.” I can’t imagine what my late teens until now would be like if I didn’t take your classes.

    Hien, Seattle
  • Grace has been absolutely wonderful in creating a warm, welcoming, and calm atmosphere. She genuinely cares about her students. I love the way I feel after a class that is not only a yoga practice, but also a time of sharing and bonding. I notice an increased calm in my life and body, while feeling energized at the same time!

    Jayleen, South Korea
  • I have been taking classes on and off with Grace for four years and every time I have come away feeling a renewed sense of joy, clarity, and support. She has this wonderful ability to remind us of our own power with very few words and that, coupled with her grounded presence and the way she leads with her heart makes her a great teacher and a wonderful leader. She is truly a light and I would recommend her to anyone.

    Caitlin, Seattle
  • Every meditation I’ve done with Grace has put me in a calm and relaxed state that I don’t often achieve meditating on my own. I always learn something new and walk away from each class a better meditator than when I walked in.

    Kyle, South Korea
  • The trainings led by Grace far exceeded my expectations. I found myself being impressed by how relevant and important all of the material was. There was so much value in the entire training. I feel privileged to know you.

    Paul, South Korea
  • The meditation techniques I’ve learned from Grace have enriched my own practice and consequently enhanced the quality of my everyday life. She inspired me to begin practicing after my military job, when I would return home with my mind racing in a million different directions. The practices Grace offered allowed me to to ground myself in complete comfort and to slow my mind from an all- out sprint to an easy, manageable jog. The solace that this practice produced allowed me to begin sleeping at night. I am very thankful for the lessons I’ve learned from Grace. Not only does she have awesome suggestions for improving your practice, her positive energy and kindness makes her an exemplary living example of the practice that she teaches.

    Matthieu, South Korea
  • Grace’s workshops are so full of knowledge, not just about yoga but about the Inner Self. I recommend her retreats and classes to anyone as they are truly life-changing experiences. I feel blessed to have practiced with Grace.

    Bomin, South Korea