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Tantra Immersion

A Year-Long Journey with Grace Bryant



Fall 2024 – Fall 2025


“Fuse the powers of the sacred heart with the energies of the body, and you can transform everything.” ~Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Tantra Immersion: A Progressive Journey Inward

The Tantra Immersion is a holistic course that creates the conditions to reveal our true nature. You’ve felt that gnawing that says there’s more than the material world, more than we’ve been conditioned to do this life. Come find what you’re looking for, the possibilities and potentialities that life can offer. The teachings of Tantra give us specific practices, techniques and understandings of how to find the deep questions answers from within and how to orient ourselves toward a more holistic life.

This course offers a life-changing journey where fundamental spiritual topics are introduced in both theory and practice. This includes tantric yoga, meditation and esoteric knowledge of the intimate inner workings of the physical body, energies and chakras (energy centers), emotional patterns and tendencies, mindfulness and exploration of consciousness – including subconscious tendencies and expanding our conscious awareness, as well as the revelation of our ultimate nature.

The Tantra Immersion offers gifts of deep relaxation, letting go of daily stresses, creating a whole new set of conditions for personal transformation, and an opening to realize the sacredness of the body itself. Learning to become aware of subtle energies, the chakra system and the potentiality of kundalini allows a profound body-emotion-mind rejuvenation. The transformative practical nature of this program can jumpstart the process of deep purification on physical, psychological, emotional and energetic levels. While practices deeply affect our human development, a contemplative attitude and an awareness of our spiritual essence are foundational to the teachings.

This immersive, five module course is based on the teachings of Hridaya Hatha Yoga which was founded by Sahajananda in Europe. They stem from classical tantric teachings and jnana yoga, direct knowledge of our Divine Self, and are oriented towards uncovering who we really are. Hridaya Hatha Yoga is a unique practice which teaches us how to open to the limitlessness of energy and consciousness. What we consider to be just “our energies” are revealed as being universal, unlimited and available all the time. Ultimately, the practice opens our Hearts deeply, bringing the perspective of Advaita, the vision of non-duality into everyday waking life.


Weekly online classes: Our classes are anticipated to be Thursday evenings, 5:30-8:30pm pacific time. A second cohort on Thursday mornings, 9:30am-12:30pm may be added if there is enough interest. Our weekly classes, 8 or 9 per module with a 2 week break between modules, are 3 hours and include connection time, teachings and practice. We aim for at least 1 hour of practice per week after the 3rd class of Module 1.

In-person practice days: Once per module participants are invited to join for a full-day of connection and practice held on a weekend day. This is an optional part of the course, as students will be spread out around the world and are not expected to travel. We will create a practice space that meets the accessibility needs of our sangha (spiritual community). Students are also encouraged to meet with other practitioners in their area on a regular basis of possible.

Silent Retreat: A 4-day Hridaya Silent Meditation & Yoga Retreat will be organized mid-year for our sangha. Students are invited to attend this retreat or any other retreats Grace hosts throughout the year. The location and cost for this retreat are TBD. The cost of registration is not included in the Tantra Immersion annual/monthly fee.

A course book will be offered for each module, either physical or digital.

Weekly online classes: We will have 2 separate cohorts – a morning class around 9:30-12:30 pacific time and an evening class around 5:30-8:30 pacific time. Students are welcome to attend the other class a few times if they are unable to make their cohort time. Our weekly classes, 8 or 9 per module with a 2 week break between modules, are 3 hours and include connection time, teachings and practice. We aim for at least 1 hour of practice per week after the 3rd class of Module 1.


Unchanged: Accessibility: The practices in this class are accessible for most bodies and abilities. As our focus is on much more than the physical body, practices can be modified to fit practitioners’ abilities. Grace is happy to offer individual modifications as needed. Please contact them if you have questions about your accessibility.

Sexuality: This course is nonsexual. There are no intimate or sexual teachings in the Tantra Immersion. We do talk about sexual energy in a few of our weekly topics as a means to become more empowered in our own being.

Cultural Honoring: Tantra Yoga is a tradition that comes from the Indian subcontinent and is at least 1000 years old, with roots 3000+ years old. While the teachings Grace offers are as close to traditional as possible, there have been many interpretations of these teachings throughout the years which have leaned more to appropriating than honoring these teachings and teachers. There has also been a capitalistic and patriarchal tint to the teachings which underlies how they have been translated and handed down.

As a committed anti-racist and queer person, Grace has spent the last 17 years through study and immersive personal experience sifting through what’s been handed down in their lineages and finding the deepest basis of “Truth” they can access. This path is what they offer in their teachings: a path that both honors the traditional teachings and is aware of the oppressive ways they have been inaccessible beyond white, spiritual circles for the last 100 years.

Grace is always open to questions and critique about their interpretations and are actively working to update these teachings to be more aware of oppressive narratives, underlying patriarchal interpretations, and societal bias. This is a work in progress and will be for a long time to come. Your participation helps to keep shaping the teachings for the 21st century and beyond.

Scholarship for BIPOC participants and future participants: The container for Tantra Immersion is open to all people. And, there is a loud cry from People of Global Majority (BIPOC/PGM) to have containers that are not white majority. This has been hard to find in spiritual classes and communities.

The Tantra Immersion will be starting a scholarship fund in hopes of offering an exclusively People of Global Majority cohort in the coming years. All current registration fees will include a 5% offering to this scholarship fund.

In addition, you are welcome to offer donations directly to this fund by sending them via Venmo to @KarissaGrace-Bryant with the memo “Tantra Immersion – PGM/BIPOC Scholarship Fund.” (Other forms of payment are welcome, contact Grace for more info.)

If you are a Person of Color and would like to discuss this PGM cohort, scholarship fund or anything else regarding the Tantra Immersion, please reach to Grace at [email protected] or 206 434 2462. Folks of Color are very welcome in the current cohort if that is a container that feels supportive to your spiritual practice and community and this scholarship fund will hopefully be available in the 2023 cohort if desired.

“There are many mysteries to be unraveled, but the most important is the mystery of our being.” – Sahajananda, Hridaya Yoga


Weekly online classes and quarterly in-person gatherings

+ an in-person 4-day silent retreat

(mid-year – dates & location TBD)

Fall 2024 – Fall 2025


The curriculum of the Tantra Immersion Yearlong Course includes:

  • Hridaya Yoga principles and the stages of practice; a comprehensive explanation and esoteric significance of each technique
  • A deep investigation of the Tantric energy systems
  • The Self-Enquiry Method
  • The intimate power of the Spiritual Heart and a how-to guide for living with an open heart
  • Purification techniques for the physical, energetic, emotional and mental bodies
  • Cultivating a holistic attitude towards awakening and integrous living
  • Yogic practices for the awareness, control and channeling of energy
  • Pranayama – the control of the energies using the life-force of breath
  • Concentration and meditation techniques
  • Supporting one another with community connection and accountability

Module 1

Module 1 contains 9 weekly classes. Each class includes a foundational teaching of Tantra, exploration of our daily life awareness, and practice technique. The teachings and practices deepen as we progress, creating a holistic approach to integrate Tantra into our whole lives – both in our time on-the-mat, away from life’s demands, as well as in the midst of our relationships, work, community and personal growth.

We highly encourage a commitment to a daily practice for everyone in this course.

Module 1 begins at the basics with questions like, “What is Tantra? What is Yoga? What is Nonduality? What do they mean in my life?” All of our techniques are rooted in the message of the Consciousness of Oneness, and our highest priority is to offer this message, beyond dogma and biases. Students are encouraged to listen from the heart, to experiment with the teachings and to remember that we’re always pointing to the depth of uncovering our limitless being.

Module 2

Module 2 is an 8-week course which continues where we left off in our awakening to the spiritual heart, Hridaya. We’ll dive into a deeper unfolding of the subtle anatomy and chakra system, looking at each level of consciousness through the intimate lens of our 21st century lives. We’ll also keep learning purification rituals and lifestyle choices recommended in this timeless tradition.

Deepening body-, breath-, mind- and heart-based techniques will continue our personal growth, spiritual transformation, and the arising of faith based on your lived experience. The foundation unfolds to support your personal daily practice, create community connection, and understand the necessary views of Tantra through the embodiment of body, breath and heart. Weekly practice in class is prioritized in this second immersion module.

Module 3

Module 3 is a journey into the body through the knowledge of Ayurveda, the constitutions or doshas, the three universal energies or gunas, and cleaning/purification techniques or kriyas. We’ll get very familiar with diet according to yoga, tantra and Ayurveda (including a cooking class!).

Deepening body-, breath-, mind- and heart-based techniques will continue our personal growth, spiritual transformation, and the arising of faith based on your lived experience. The foundation unfolds to support your personal daily practice, create community connection, and understand the necessary views of Tantra through the embodiment of body, breath and heart. Weekly practice in class is prioritized in this second immersion module.

Module 4

Module 4 is a journey through the yamas, the universal principles of living from the yoga & tantra traditions. Each week we’ll cover one of the five yamas and end with a dive into karma yoga, the yoga of surrendered action in daily life. This course will inspire you to look at how every thought, word and action can be in alignment with our deeper values and bring awareness to the shadows of unconscious motivations.

We’ll also learn new on-the-mat techniques to refresh and invigorate our practice, as well as practice on our mats each week at the end of class. We set the intention to deepen together as a sangha, spiritual community, and continue chipping away at our conditioning in order to bring consciousness to more and more of our lives.

Module 5

In addition to learning the Niyamas, the second half of the yogic life virtues, Module 5 will also present a more in depth look at pranayama, spanda, yoga nidra and, of course, new practice techniques. This module will complete the series of Tantra Immersion, hopefully leaving more questions than answers and an even deeper quest of self-discovery and self-realization.

As always, we will connect each week in community online, share our learnings and questions, support one another with a practice or accountability partner, and spend some of our time together on our mats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a yoga course?

Yes, and it’s not like what you might think of when you think of Western yoga. Hridaya Yoga is a deep, internal practice which fuses the power of the sacred heart with the energies of the body. It is a deeply purifying, relaxing and internalizing practice that includes the body, breath, heart and mind.

Is there any sexual touch or nudity?

No, there is no sexual touch or nudity. The Tantra Immersion is a nonsexual course which teaches a breadth and depth of Tantra practices including how to relate to our own holistic energies.

Are there any prerequisites?


What do I need to bring to class?

For online classes, have your teaching book, a quiet place you can focus and meditate, and space to spread out a mat or towel for Hatha yoga.

For in-person days, if you have a yoga mat, please bring one with you. Please bring your course booklet at each teaching and a journal or notebook to take notes.

Please eat at least 30 minutes before class as some of our practices cannot be done within 2 hours of eating.

What if I have to miss a class?

Classes have been pre-recorded in previous years and are available to students at any time. Students are encouraged to attend at least 80% of each module to be able to continue to the next module.

What about the silent retreat?

The Hridaya silent meditation and yoga retreat will be organized over a weekend (Fri-Mon) sometime during the year, most likely during the summer. The teachings and practices complement the Tantra Immersion teachings. Cohort students will also be invited to other retreats Grace leads through the year. The silent retreat is optional and strongly encouraged for all students.


The cost of the Tantra Immersion Yearlong Journey covers fees for the weekly online classes and in-person practice days which will happen once per module (5 total during the year). The silent retreat will be an additional fee to cover the cost of the venue, food and staff.

Transparency around pricing: Physically, the cost of this course covers a few pieces: texts (printed or digital), technology (zoom, microphones, computer, etc.), and rental of our in-person practice space once per quarter. A 5% donation will be given from all registration fees to the BIPOC/PGM Scholarship Fund which will go towards current students and/or the creation of a future BIPOC cohort. Outside of that, Grace’s teachings are the bulk of their income which supports their family. They are currently a one-income family.

This course is offered on a sliding scale. You are at choice what amount, either once or monthly, you contribute. Please feel into this cost based on your own current relationship with finances. Scholarships and other payment plans are available. Let’s chat about how we can be in right relationship with the teachings, money, time and valuing one another.

Monthly payment plans will be setup on auto-pay through either PayPal or Patreon.

Questions & Registration: Please contact Grace directly at [email protected].

About Your Instructor:

Grace Bryant (identifies as northern European descendant white, gender non-binary, queer/pan-sexual, polyamorous, middle class, able-bodied) loves inviting people into the shadows, discomfort and fun of sex, sexuality & intimacy, community building, anti-oppression, and dismantling our inherited and created conditions. They co-founded Sacred Embodiment Community whose vision promotes connection and transformation through social change, awakened embodiment, conscious relating and spiritual liberation. Grace offers intimacy, relationship, spirituality and life coaching through touch & bodywork, energy work, emotional awareness and mindfulness. They are exceptionally grateful for all of the communities, colleagues and badass people in their life who inspire creativity in the chaos and have taught them so many tools of radical acceptance, and personal and societal dismantling. Learn more at