Be Whole

Be Happy

with Grace Bryant

– Mentor, Coach, Facilitator –


I’m Grace. Welcome to Be Whole Be Happy. Take a minute to look around and contact me if you feel some resonance or a tug to know more.

The Be Whole Be Happy path acknowledges that there is so much more depth and authenticity to each of us than we usually live from. Becoming more and more whole, through intentional practice, deconditioning our inherited beliefs, and cultivating conditions of wellness and integrity, invites the natural happiness and love that is our deepest nature to become our reality, regardless of our outer circumstances.

From My Students and Clients

  • Grace is a genuine and patient yoga teacher. She offers a welcoming environment in which to explore and reflect, regardless of your experience level. She encourages you to grow and take risks, and has a great enthusiasm for her practice. I have come out of all of my experiences with her feeling a sense of calm and balance.

    Karen English Teacher in Seoul
  • During this series, you have provided me with a lifetime of different meditations and yoga postures empowering me to really listen and look deeply into what my body, mind and heart need daily to offer up my best self. Being a part of the sacred and safe space you immediately created with our intimate group, I felt loved and cherished.  This experience will live on in my heart forever.  An induction into being the goddess woman I am called to be.

    Nancy Seattle Portrait Photographer
  • Grace is one of those people you naturally gravitate towards – a positive force that lights up any room, a warm smile and attentive, kind ear. Her events reflect these natural traits and are meticulously organized, so well planned-out and thorough. Grace is always open to help more and hear more, and she creates a great community in her workshops and classes.


Silent Retreats

If you are yearning to go beyond your everyday reality, to quiet your mind and connect to the deepest part of yourself, join me for a Silent Meditation Retreat. Our facilitation team designs our silent retreats to guide you to an intimate understanding of what meditation is so you can experience the inner transformation it kindles. In silence you can begin to perceive the peaceful and eternal core of your being, the source of all inspiration, love, and beauty—the Spiritual Heart.

  • Techniques for calming your mind, relaxing your body, and opening your heart
  • Practices for centering in the Spiritual Heart and ways to infuse your daily life with its wisdom
  • The fundamental principles of non-duality (the teaching that everything is One)
  • Contemplative daily movement and relaxation practices

Sex & Intimacy

As human beings, we share a deep need to be loved in an intimate way. The specific expressions of that craving are unique to each individual, and I love helping people uncover those desires and figure out how to manifest them in your life. Sex + intimacy coaching offers you tools to become more honest with your sexuality and your sexual self. Whole & Happy Intimacy Sessions give you the supported space to explore sacred and hidden aspects of yourself, inviting a deeper exploration of Self, how you connect with those around you, and how to cultivate loving, supportive, and passionate relationships.

  • Become empowered in your sexuality·
  • Dedicated to supporting LGBTQ+ folks and relationships
  • Experienced in consensual non-monogamy and nontraditional relationship structures
  • Committed to holding safe and welcoming space for People of the Global Majority, BIPOC and mixed-race individuals and partnerships

Spiritual Mentorship

Spiritual Mentorship invites you to start looking inward and exploring entirely new ways of being in the world. Not doing, being. What is required from you is a willingness to change and a commitment to practice. Spiritual growth doesn’t happen by itself. Your on- and off-the-mat practices are what strengthen your aspiration to break out of the box. All the boxes. Mentorship with Grace offers you practices for exactly where you are. I’ll be here to guide you whenever you’re ready for a check-in and a nudge forward.

  • Face life’s hardest moments with equanimity, acceptance, gratitude and a YES to life
  • Receive guidance, support and tools on your journey of deconditioning patterns
  • Ask for tailored accountability for your daily practices and integration
  • Be held in a safe place to fall apart when you need to

Upcoming Courses

Welcome to the Karma Yoga Module of the Tantra Immersion!

This module has been created from the genuine need and desire we are collectively feeling to work and act in a different way, a way that is more connected to our Source and our Heart. No matter what “work” or “action” looks like in your life, the liberating path of Karma Yoga can amplify the joy and freedom you feel as you engage with it.

This 8-week module calls into question not just what we are doing in the world, but more importantly how we are engaged with it.

Dates: April 25-June 20

The Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat is an invitation to discover the joy of being quiet. To remove yourself from everyday distractions, peel away layers of the ego, and find the peace within.

If you are yearning to go beyond your everyday reality, to quiet your mind and connect to the deepest part of yourself, join us for this Silent Meditation Retreat. We designed this retreat to guide you to an intimate understanding of what meditation is so you can experience the inner transformation it kindles.

Dates: May 24-27, 2024
Location: Cinebar, WA

This unique Silent Meditation Retreat invites you into the moment-by-moment application of Karma Yoga: Living our Practice through daily life awareness. Our 4-days and 3-nights of silence and spiritual teachings will invite a whole new awareness of how we bring our meditative and spiritual attitudes into our daily actions and interactions.

The path of Karma Yoga is accessible for everyone who would like to cultivate more awareness, more compassion, and more centeredness. No dogma or religious beliefs are necessary and all cultural backgrounds are welcome. We will learn both the traditional understanding of karma and Karma Yoga, as well as what 2024 looks and feels like for a karma yogi.

Aug 30 – Sept 2, 2024
Cinebar, WA

A Deep Contemplation on Unrested Labor, Lynching and Dismantling Oppression in America

Join Aaron + Grace for 3 days of silence and nature to draw into your Self and your Source. Together we will unravel patterns in the body, energies and beliefs as we engage our bodies in practices of drawing inward and moving through.

Our orientation begins in our personal journey of silence — with tools to be in relationship with the mind, body and heart — and progresses into the collective awareness of Black oppression and lynching. Practices offered will support you in sitting with what arises in this deep contemplation, like anger, grief, rage, sadness, discomfort and staying present on the edges of what you could historically hold.

Dates: October 25 – 27 2024
Location: Phelan, CA

The Tantra Immersion is a holistic course that creates the conditions to reveal our true nature. You’ve felt that gnawing that says there’s more than the material world, more than we’ve been conditioned to do this life. Come find what you’re looking for, the possibilities and potentialities that life can offer. The teachings of Tantra give us specific practices, techniques and understandings of how to find the deep questions answers from within and how to orient ourselves toward a more holistic life.

This course offers a life-changing journey where fundamental spiritual topics are introduced in both theory and practice. This includes tantric yoga, meditation and esoteric knowledge of the intimate inner workings of the physical body, energies and chakras (energy centers), emotional patterns and tendencies, mindfulness and exploration of consciousness – including subconscious tendencies and expanding our conscious awareness, as well as the revelation of our ultimate nature.

Begins September 12, 2024

Ends (tentatively) September 25, 2025

Meets Thursdays 9:30am-12:30pm OR 6-9pm PST

Silent Retreat (Tentative Dates): April 25-28, 2025

Location: Western Washington

Contact Me

Interested in the Be Whole Be Happy path through mentorship, coaching, retreats or courses? Introduce yourself! Tell me a little about you, your intentions, what you’re letting go of, your dreams, visions, time frame, location and anything else that orients me to your unique journey.

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    Anti-Racism and Colonization Statement

    I acknowledge that racism and its real-world impacts effect each of us living in colonized culture. My work with clients and students includes examining these impacts, both in our inner world and outer actions and relationships.

    Undoing white supremacy culture is a priority in my personal and professional life. As a queer, non-binary white person, I acknowledge that inherited racism lives in my bones and holds bias in my worldview. I am committed to working on purging oppression from my thoughts, words and actions on a daily basis.

    One way that systemic racism shows up in American culture is an inaccessibility to receiving quality, holistic healthcare for People of the Global Majority, BIPOC and People of Color. I intend to maintain a practice that is accessible, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. This is listed throughout my website and I’m happy to talk more about it with anyone who asks.

    I am honored to partner with Grief to Action, Holistic Resistance and the Chronically UnderTouched Project. Information can be found on my retreats page.

    I am living and working in so-called Jefferson County in Washington State, which are the stolen lands of many Coast Salish Native American tribes and people, including: Hoh, Chem-a-Kum, Jamestown S’Klallam, Lower Elwha Klallam, Makah, Port Gamble S’Klallam, Skokomish, Squaxin, Quileute and Quinault. These lands were stolen in the 19th century and reparations for the continued genocide and oppression to these tribes and nations has not yet been accounted for.

    Photos courtesy of Lara Randall’s Photography