Tantric Relationships

You’re not alone.

We all want more fulfilling relationships – with ourselves, our intimate partners and source. Whatever you are seeking to heal, grow or manifest in your relationships, the Tantric Conscious Relationships Weekend Workshop will give you practical tools and sensual awakening to open yourself to communication, connection and consciousness in new ways. It will transform your relationships from good to great, from great to awesome, from awesome to radiant and from radiant to blissful.

Individuals and couples of any sexual orientation and preference will benefit from theory and practice, exploring how to:

  • Manifest your ideal partner or connect more deeply with your existing partner
  • Move through fears in your partnership to cultivate a deep and profound intimacy
  • Bring light to subconscious patterns that hold us back from communicating what we want
  • Re-frame your intimate relationships to make space for deeper connection
  • Keep the magic alive indefinitely
  • Learn to own, channel and express sexual desire
  • Recognize the abundance that already exists in your life
  • Discover and free yourself from limiting beliefs that are holding you back from loving yourself fully
  • Connect to what inspires you
  • Make your relationships a sincere part of your spiritual path

We will also learn:

  • Secrets to attracting what you really want
  • Technology to communicate with integrity and clarity
  • Solo exercises to explore your relationship with both masculine & feminine
  • Partner and group exercises around intimacy, forgiveness, vulnerability and presence
  • A Yoga practice to empower you in relating to self and others
  • Rituals to enhance connection, openness, and spirituality in your relationships
  • Take-home material to continue the process on your own

There is NO nudity or explicitly sexual touch. Each participant is invited to participate at their level of comfort throughout the workshop.

Bonus! You are also invited to attend a Free Friday Night Taster the night before. Attendance is optional, but you must register to participate.


  • I was fortunate to attend both group classes with Grace and also a private session with her. In both settings, Grace made a sincere effort to understand the conditions and preferences of attendees. I truly enjoyed her devotion to incorporating mindfulness into her practices. It truly resonated with me and sparked a personal commitment to building more mindfulness into my life. Grace is an incredibly thoughtful and mindful individual whose amazing character undoubtedly flows over into her instruction.

    Christine International School Special Education Teacher, South Korea