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The Critical Intersection of Race & Sex for Parents

Welcome to The Critical Intersection of Sex & Race for Parents

This online course is focused on white parents unpacking the culture of sexuality and race they were raised with. Our curiosity-based classes will offer a balanced awareness of your own sexuality and the culture you are bringing to your children.

Our intention is to become aware of the positionality of your sexuality, historically and culturally, as well as the default narratives that have shaped your unconscious beliefs. Examining and questioning these default narratives will empower you to interrupt the often unspoken harm in our culture around sexuality and racism for the next generation.

This is just the beginning of the journey…each section is a starting point to getting curious with your communities and families.

Supporting each other as parents

It’s easy for us to judge each other and ourselves as parents, to critique each other rather than build each other up…and in turn we critique ourselves. We invite you to take this course with other parents or in community and to interrupt the judgment and isolation that parents often face. You are encouraged in this course to create and hone your own content for your children. We are here to think with you, not to criticize you.​

Why sex education?

Sex education and anti-racism are two often ignored aspects of parenting for white parents, but are also the two areas that most likely will impact children of color in your child’s present and future. When we connect over difficult topics like anti-racism in sex education for our children, it ripples out into other parts of our parenting plans and benefits our anti-racism thinking for us and our family.

Example Curriculum

Part 2: The Curation of Sex + Race in America

  • The Curation of Sexuality in American Culture
  • The Oppressive Systems of Media Curation – The White Supremacy Lens
  • Grounding Practice – Breathing
  • How Do I Create a Culture of Questions in my Community?
  • Who Set the Value?
  • Song Meditation – Listen In


The price is $200.

Course Creators & Facilitators

Aaron Johnson & Grace Bryant

Aaron Johnson is a sex educator that focuses on the Chronically UnderTouched, particularly African Heritage people. As co-founder of Holistic Resistance, Aaron takes the time to hold the stories of black people around homophobia, transphobia, internalized racism, those that are Chronically OverTouched without consent, and incest survivors. Because the purchasing, selling, and commoditization of the sexual energy of black bodies is a part of American history, the long term impact of those trauma stories should be acknowledged and held as a part of sex education curriculum. In Aaron’s experience, a sex education program that does not include a deep analysis of the lynching of black people is incomplete. Aaron has created the African Heritage Chronically UnderTouched Project, the basic strategies to bring a young black man from being Chronically UnderTouched to a state of touch balance as part of the lifelong journey of interrupting white oppressive systems that make touch balance a radical action.

Grace Bryant loves inviting people into the shadows, discomfort and fun of sex, sexuality & intimacy, community building, anti-oppression, and dismantling our inherited and created conditions. They founded Sacred Embodiment Community whose vision promotes connection and transformation through social change, awakened embodiment, conscious relating and spiritual liberation. Grace offers intimacy, relationship, spirituality and life coaching through touch & bodywork, energy work, emotional awareness and mindfulness. Grace has also worked with youth, educators and parents for two decades in the fields of performing arts, leadership, environmental education, yoga and mindfulness, emotional awareness and dismantling inherited conditions. They are exceptionally grateful for all of the communities, colleagues and courageous people in their life who inspire creativity in the chaos and have taught them so many tools of radical acceptance, and personal and societal dismantling.