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Over the last decade, I’ve played in many disciplines of authentic living, both from Eastern and Western traditions. Join me in taking a deeper look into WHO you truly are and HOW to live from that authentic place every day. Check out my upcoming Retreats, Workshops and Coachings for group, couple and One-on-One time together.

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I am delighted to offer you these 10 unique meditation tracks from different meditation and mindfulness traditions around the world. Whether you’re a brand new meditator or have been practicing for years, you’re sure to find some peace and quiet with these calming and centering tracks.


Silence Meets Soma

Thursday, Sept 28@ 5pmSunday, Oct 1@ 2pm
Skalitude Retreat Center, Methow Valley, WA

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From My Clients

  • I feel like I need to explicitly express my gratitude to you because you introduced me to yoga. And I really appreciate how you approached yoga when you taught it to me, because I'm not sure it would be as important to me if it wasn't for you. When times are tough, I always remember something you used to say, which was along the lines of "aspire toward the good." I can't imagine what my late teens until now would be like if I didn't take your classes.

    Hien Yoga Teacher Training Graduate, Federal Way, WA
  • I have been taking classes on and off with Grace for four years and every time I have come away feeling a renewed sense of joy, clarity, and support. She has this wonderful ability to remind us of our own power with very few words and that, coupled with her grounded presence and the way she leads with her heart makes her a great teacher and a wonderful leader. She is truly a light and I would recommend her to anyone.

    Caitlin Seattle Playwright
  • I first met Grace at an Unplug and Unwind Retreat that she helped to organize. From the moment she gave me a welcoming hug, I knew she was intelligent, thoughtful, caring and calm; further events since then have only confirmed my first impression. Grace’s style of instruction is genuine and modest. She does NOT use her extensive knowledge of yoga and meditation to make others feel small. During guided meditation sessions, her voice is comforting and allows her students to feel secure as they explore their own consciousness. It's amazing that she has achieved so much in so short of a time and I'm excited to see where she ends up.

    Sumit D.O. Seoul Army Base
  • I've had the pleasure of taking prenatal yoga classes from Grace for a couple of months. She has been absolutely wonderful in creating a warm, welcoming, and calm atmosphere in each class. She genuinely cares about her students. I love the way I feel after a class that is not only a yoga practice, but also a time of sharing and bonding. I notice an increased calm in my life and body, while feeling energized at the same time!

    Jayleen English Teacher in Seoul, South Korea
  • Grace is a deeply committed yoga practitioner. She has made the sacrifices and taken the risks for her path. It shows in her gentle, compassionate, powerful presence. She meets students where they are at, and spots them as they climb to the next level, physically and spiritually. Grace has helped me pivot my own life. May you find your contact with her equally transformational.

    Ben Seattle Sufi Practitioner and Music Teacher
  • I totally recommend Grace’s meditation class. Here you will study, practice and change yourself. Since I do not usually practice meditation myself at home, attending her meditation class helps me to meditate and develop myself as well.

    Bomin International Relations, Seoul, South Korea
  • I regularly attend Grace’s weekly meditation class. Each week, she creates a comfortable environment where we are led through different types of meditation including walking meditation, guided meditation, mantra meditation, pranayama and dharana (mental concentration). As of five months ago, meditation was a new concept for me as my previous experience with yoga had only been through asana practice. Grace succinctly explains each exercise making them accessible to both beginners like myself and others that have been practicing meditation for years. This class constantly helps improve my mental clarity, detachment, and ability to quiet my mind. Grace has inspired me to make meditation a regular practice in my life and has helped me learn an integral part of yoga.

    Jenna Yoga Teacher Training Graduate and Medical Advocate, Seoul, South Korea
  • I was fortunate to attend both group classes with Grace and also a private session with her. In both settings, Grace made a sincere effort to understand the conditions and preferences of attendees. I truly enjoyed her devotion to incorporating mindfulness into her practices. It truly resonated with me and sparked a personal commitment to building more mindfulness into my life. Grace is an incredibly thoughtful and mindful individual whose amazing character undoubtedly flows over into her instruction.

    Christine International School Special Education Teacher, South Korea
  • Our women's journey has been very special to me. I have stepped outside of my comfort zone, enjoyed dancing and touching in groups of women, learned more in depth about the chakras, and especially found a greater pathway to my voice. You have guided us on a safe journey during these sessions, and I thank you so much for that!

    Marcie Occupational Therapist, Federal Way, WA
  • Grace creates an accessible, welcoming and safe environment that is both heart-warming and inspiring. Her energy and passion for what she does is infectious, so much so that a room full of strangers at the beginning of a weekend can feel like family by the end. You will be energized, challenged, comforted and much, much more. I cannot recommend her work enough.

    Ben English Teacher and Artist, South Korea
  • Every meditation I've done with Grace has put me in a calm and relaxed state that I don't often achieve meditating on my own. I always learn something new and walk away from each class a better meditator than when I walked in.

    Kyle International English Teacher, South Korea