Winter Solstice – Bringing in the Light Ritual

winter solstice

It’s time. Winter Solstice is here. Let’s bring what’s burning to the surface and set it on fire so we can let it go.

How do Tantrics welcome the next season, the next year, the next stage in our evolution?

You are invited to a Yajna, or fire ritual, at Seattle Tantra to intentionally burn what’s keeping you stagnant. Fire rituals are perhaps the most powerful way to say goodbye and welcome the spacious creation of what’s to come.  

Take some time to meditate on what you’re ready to burn in our sacrificial fire like a trait, an obstacle or even a relationship or transition. Everyone will have the opportunity to burn their offering in the fire and to celebrate or grieve the transformation process.

Space is limited to 20 participants so that everyone has time to honor their contribution to the fire. We’ll open our winter solstice ritual with meditation, intention and song to honor the darkness and the light, and with a celebratory feast to honor the Winter Solstice.



  • Doors will be locked at 6:15pm and no one will be let in after we begin.
  • You’re invited to bring a food offering (cut fruit or sweets are traditional) to share after our ritual.
  • Consider what you’d like to burn before you arrive.
  • Contact Grace with questions about this winter solstice celebration



A donation of $20-30 is requested for this ritual. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. If financial contribution is not an option, please ask Grace or Lark about how else you can support the community and participate.


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