Silence Meets Soma – A 2-Day Silent Retreat

meditation retreat

Silence Meets Soma – A 2-Day Silent Retreat

Hosted by Grace Bryant

Friday, Oct 28 at 7am thru Saturday, Oct 29 at 9pm

Welcome Orientation Wednesday, Oct 27 at 4pm

Located at Grief to Action Camp in Phelan, CA

Silence is a source of great strength. – Lao Tzu

Join Grace and your Grief 2 Action Community in 2 days of silence, community and nature to draw into your Self and your Source. This retreat will lead you to quiet your entire system in order to re-awaken your senses and re-attune towards your heart. Together we will unravel patterns in the body, energies and beliefs as we engage our bodies in practices of drawing inward and moving through. 


Silent? Like not talking? That’s scary. I can’t imagine being silent for any length of time. I can’t even sit still for a few minutes without finding a distraction. 

Right – which is why you may feel so wound up. It takes time to slow down and learn how to let go – of your past, of your worries, of what the future might look like. Trust me, you’re not alone. You’re one of millions of people searching for how to let go and become more present and accepting.

A silent retreat is a kickstart to deep transformation, to slowing down and to learning how to enjoy more and more moments of life.

Guided group sessions include movement, meditation and tools to release what is held, stuck and wanting to shift. You will leave with a blueprint for integrating your daily practice – a foundation for healing. Come prepared to see and feel yourself, as we engage all systems in a conscious slowing down and reawaken our intuition to inwardly listen and heal. 

Held at the Grief to Action Camp in Phelan, CA, these 2 days in silence will connect us to the elements, our ancestors on the land, and the parts of us underneath our conditioning for comfort. Paired with guided teachings and practices, participants will have ample time to breathe and dance in the natural surroundings of the desert. This is the perfect setting for you to remember your connection to the natural healing rhythms that live within and around you at all times.  


The retreat will be held in a container of silence with opening and closing rituals. We ask all attendees to arrive and depart as one group (times below) to honor this container. Please contact Grace if you have questions about this or would like to attend but can’t commit to the 2 days. You will be fully supported as we guide you to re-discover your inner healer in this uniquely created weekend of deep connection.

This retreat is prioritized for BIPOC guests. Spaces will be offered to white-bodied participants as available. Our retreat container will be limited to 15 people. Please message [email protected] if you are interested in attending. 

With gratitude, Grace & The G2A Team


Your Host
Grace Bryant (identifies as northern European descendant white, gender non-binary, queer/pan-sexual, polyamorous, middle class, able-bodied) loves inviting people into the shadows, discomfort and fun of sex, sexuality & intimacy, community building, anti-oppression, and dismantling our inherited and created conditions. Grace has been a whole life educator for 2 decades, integrating drama, music, movement, meditation and yoga, mindful living, creative play, teamwork, conscious collaboration, anti-oppression, community building and leadership. They have been leading retreats since 2009, silent retreats since 2016. Grace offers intimacy, relationship, spirituality and life coaching through touch & bodywork, energy work, emotional awareness and mindfulness. They are exceptionally grateful for all of the communities, colleagues and badass people in their life who inspire creativity in the chaos and have taught them so many tools of radical acceptance, and personal and societal dismantling. 

All participants will have access to an online 21-Day Integration Series to support their continued process after our container closes. 


Every silent meditation retreat is different – even if you attend the exact same retreat multiple times. The most important attitude to have in a silent retreat is to let go of expectations. A spirit of openness to what unfolds is essential to welcoming a retreat experience.

Your host, Grace, has over a decade of experience leading people through their personal transformation of trauma-informed yoga, meditation and silent retreats. We start with the basics of meditation and concentration techniques and build your understanding and experience throughout the retreat. Practices are accessible for beginners and experienced meditators alike. You’ll be invited to listen to deeper parts of your intuitive self and engage inward with curiosity, compassion and intentional integration. You’ll leave with a renewed strength and momentum to develop a daily practice which keeps you more calm, centered and present than you’ve been before.

Our silent retreat atmosphere is a safe space for you to try out different meditation and concentration practices and somatic unwinding which invite a holistic experience of yourself. There’s no expectation that you do anything “right” or that you can even sit still! We practice together and increase our stamina in the practice with the support of our silent community. Your humanness is welcome – exactly as you are.

You’ll have the space to share your retreat experience on the last day and we highly encourage everyone to witness each other’s process and share your experience. This is sometimes the most profound session of the whole retreat after being in silence with fellow seekers.


Silence Meets Soma Retreats are created to intimately experience what integrated practice is and to feel the inner transformation it can bring when combined with inner and outer silence. We offer trauma-informed practices centered on connecting with the energies that move through and around us. Practices come from a variety of traditions, including esoteric Christianity, Sufism, Buddhism, Tantra, Taoism and Yoga. All religious backgrounds, faiths and lifestyles are welcome. The atmosphere is one of love and strong spiritual support.

No previous meditation or yoga experience is necessary as this silent retreat is designed to be accessible for all.

Using techniques from these vast, mystical traditions, we’ll learn how to create conditions for inner quiet including cultivating awareness, mental concentration, meditation techniques based on opening to the Spiritual Heart and how to apply these techniques in daily life. The last afternoon will include practical and concrete integration practices like how to create a home practice and maintain an open heart in the challenging moments of life.


Silence starts with not talking…but it’s so much more.

We start with the intention to not talk or communicate once we set our container and begin the retreat. You are welcome to write notes to retreat leaders or support staff when you have questions or need assistance. Otherwise, we ask there to be no communication between guests, including not looking at other people’s faces, not making eye contact and not touching others. This may seem strict, but it opens the gateway to really focus internally, the whole point of a silent retreat. Once you get into the rhythm, you’ll be grateful for the space away from pleasing people or worrying about how they’ll react to you.

We ask all guests to maintain this noble silence throughout the retreat, which includes: no books, no electronics, no music, no phones or devices or other distractions. Again, this might feel extreme. The point is to not let yourself go to any distraction from what you’re really experiencing in the present moment. If taking a few days away from social media scares you, then you’re very ready for this journey.

We do encourage journaling to assist in the processing of your experience.

If you’ve never experienced the intimacy of silence – especially in today’s fast-paced, notification pinging, constant news driven, social media addicted, instant gratification world – you’ll never forget the spaciousness it brings. You’ll leave with more inner and outer love, tools to calm and center yourself, an understanding of what it means to let go, practices for deeper connection with other people, and the ability to be more present, conscious and to let go.

You will be given a retreat emergency contact number to share with loved ones should an emergent need arise.


If you have more questions, please contact us and ask! We’re happy to chat about your upcoming retreat experience and how you can feel the most comfortable and confident walking into a silent meditation retreat. It’s totally normal to be nervous, fearful or confused about a silent retreat and we’re happy to answer your questions and put your mind at ease.


Financial Commitment: 

BIPOC participants will be invited to attend for no cost. Folks are welcome to make an offering towards food costs if they would like. 

White-identified participants will be invited to offer a sliding scale which covers the cost of food, kitchen staff and the teachings. 

TO REGISTER: please send an email directly to [email protected]


What is noble silence?

Noble Silence is a common practice in retreats which offers a rare and precious opportunity to simplify one’s daily routine, quiet the mind and cultivate an inward focus of attention. There is also the opportunity to go deep in our internal world and not be distracted by the social conventions that usually turn the wheels of our mind constantly.

By observing outer silence and temporarily renouncing our usual habits of conversation, we provide a support for the cultivation of a deep inner silence. You will be asked to refrain not only from speaking, but also from using electronic devices. We will explain more and provide an opportunity for asking questions before going into silence. Be assured you will always have the opportunity to communicate by writing messages to Dianna and Grace should the need arise. There will also be a daily Q&A session.


I’ve never meditated before. Is this retreat right for me?

Absolutely! Many new to meditation begin by attending a retreat. Retreats provide a wonderful opportunity to learn skills and to dive directly into the process, building momentum and faith in meditation.


I’m an advanced meditator. Will I get something out of this retreat?

As an experienced meditator, you have the opportunity to go very deep in this retreat and start from your level of practice. The retreat is designed to give you the gift of leaving the busy-ness of life behind and concentrating for an extended period of time. You’ll also gain new meditation techniques and practices focused on the Spiritual Heart and insights to deepen your existing practice.


Do we have to sit on the floor?

No, sitting on the floor is not required – there will be seats available as needed. We encourage you to bring any props/benches/cushions that you know will ease your seated practice. And a lot of our practice will be moving, too.

 What is the movement like? Do I need to be flexible?

Silence Meets Soma offers daily movement as a meditative practice focused on orienting inward through the energy and movements of the body. It is accessible for all bodies and modifiable for any injuries or conditions. Don’t worry about whether you’re experienced at yoga or flexible. 


What about the food?

We will serve lovingly prepared meals. We will do our best to accommodate restricted diets, including vegan and gluten free – you will need to let us know preferences on your registration form. For highly restricted diets you may need to supplement your own meals. A refrigerator will be available to store your personal items. We do ask that everyone bring snacks, as needed.


 What should I bring?

A list will be provided after registration. You don’t need to bring anything to “do,” just the things that support you in being


What should I wear?

Comfortable, layered clothing is best. The high desert can be both hot and cool this time of year. Bring clothes you can sit, move and walk in.  We will most likely be practicing outside (under shade), so prepare for all climates and for sun, bugs, and wind. 



(These are subject to change as events unfold in the world.)

Dear participants,

As the world is ever changing with restrictions of the Covid pandemic, we recognize that there is still a need to take precautions. We will do everything reasonably possible to mitigate this risk. We also trust that you, as a participant of this retreat and community, will do all you can to reduce your exposure risk to yourself and others before, during and after the event.

Before signing up and arriving, we ask that you do a deep and honest self-assessment and only attend if you can comply with the basic health and safety protocols and agreements (see below) for at least 7 days before the first day of the retreat.

If you are not able to attend the retreat due to COVID, we will be happy to refund you according to our refund policy above.


You are welcome to join this retreat if you…

  • will take a COVID-19 PCR test 3-6 days before arriving at the retreat and share your results with the organizers
  • have no symptoms such as fever, cough, difficulty breathing, runny nose, sore throat, loss of smell/taste. If you have exhibited any of these symptoms or come into contact with anyone who has these symptoms in the 2 weeks before the retreat, we require that you speak to the organizer and get an additional COVID-19 PCR test before arriving
  • have NOT come into contact with anyone who has COVID-19, and/or are showing symptoms of COVID-19. If you believe you have been exposed to COVID-19 in the 2 weeks before the retreat, we require that you speak to the organizer and get an additional COVID-19 PCR test before arriving
  • agree to limit your exposure to people outside of your bubble by social distancing and wearing masks around people outside your personal circle for at least 7 days before the start of the retreat
  • agree to minimize group contact (outside G2A camp) of people you don’t know for at least 7 days before the start of the retreat
  • agree to wear a mask when traveling and inside public buildings such as grocery stores, restaurants, and other commercial establishments for at least 7 days before the start of the retreat
  • agree to make every effort to practice good personal hygiene and wash your hands frequently for at least 7 days before the start of the retreat and at all times during the retreat, especially around food

All guests are welcome to contact the organizers about our COVID-19 safety requests and practices. Please note we will not be requesting masks at the retreat, which is why testing and safe practices before the retreat are imperative. Due to the intimate nature of the retreat, that no one will be coming or going after we’ve begun, we feel safe with these requests.

This form is required for liability reasons. These answers are viewable only by the organizers.

Required Private Covid Safety form:

Our responsibility to you…

To provide a consensual space where we can practice safely and comfortably in noble silence, we will be taking these additional precautions….

  • we will be limiting total capacity 
  • we will be not be requiring mask wearing at the retreat and guests are welcome to wear masks if they choose
  • we will be dedicating time at the beginning of the retreat for a discussion about how to respect each other’s boundaries and health standards

We also recommend…

  • that you consider keeping a small bubble for 3-5 days after the retreat in order to protect friends and family that may be vulnerable and to better integrate the unfolding of silence
  • that you take care of your immune system before, during and after the retreat. Several studies and articles have discussed the importance of keeping a strong and healthy immune system during this time. This may include taking immune strengthening vitamins, eating nutritious meals, and getting plenty of good quality sleep.

October Silent Meditation Retreat

meditation retreat

Silent Retreats are a journey intimately understand what meditation is and to feel the amazing inner transformation that it brings. During this three day retreat, we introduce the depth of the Spiritual Heart, that place in you that you’ve been longing to return to since your journey in this human form began. If you’ve ever felt a tugging sensation of “more” or “deeper”, this is the pointer you’ve been craving. Our practices come from a variety of traditions, including esoteric Christianity, Sufism, Buddhism, Taoism, Tantra and Yoga. All religious backgrounds and faiths are very welcome in the Spiritual Heart! The atmosphere will be one of love and strong spiritual support. No previous meditation or yoga experience is necessary as this retreat is designed for beginner and advanced meditators alike.

Using techniques from these vast, mystical traditions and Hridaya Yoga, we’ll learn how to create the best conditions for meditation including cultivating awareness, mental concentration, meditation techniques based on opening to the Heart and how to apply these techniques in daily life. The last day will include practical and concrete integration steps like how to create a home practice and maintain an open heart off the mat. Hridaya Yoga is distinct from other practices as it engages not only the physical body but the entire being. Postures are performed with awareness, turning physical practice into blissful meditation.

This retreat will be held at a beautiful lake front property in Gig Harbor. Guests can enjoy walking meditation on the beach and the quiet atmosphere of nature. We ask all guests to maintain this silence throughout the retreat, including no electronics, music, phones, books or other distractions. If you’ve yet to experience this intimacy of silence, you will never forget what a gateway it is toward living the life you really want and connecting with the peace that constantly surrounds us. The deep intention of this journey is to bring more love, presence and trust into your daily life. I hope you’ll join us for this special weekend dedicated to Hridaya, the Spiritual Heart.

When – Sunday, Oct 21 at 9am to Tuesday, Oct 23 at 3pm. You’re welcome to arrive Saturday night and have a little more time to settle in and slow down in our retreat house.

Where – Gig Harbor, WA. Directions will be provided after registration.

Cost – Sliding Scale $399-499 (as able) includes accommodations, vegetarian food and the full retreat program. Payments can be sent via PayPal to [email protected] or via Venmo @KarissaGrace-Bryant. Payment Plans are welcome. Please contact Grace to arrange other details.

Questions? Contact Grace or check out the FAQ’s of Silent Retreats.

Your Host – Grace has been a whole life educator for the past 13 years, integrating drama, music, movement, meditation and yoga, mindful living, creative play, teamwork, conscious collaboration and leadership. Her Yogic path began in 2005 when her sister dragged her to a Yoga class in Federal Way. She fell in love with savasana and came back just for relaxation.

In 2007, she was inspired to start teaching informally and since then has studied and taught in 6 countries and devoted her entire life to the journey of awakening. Grace recently completed the Hridaya Teacher Training in Mexico and is beyond grateful to have received the teachings of Advaita Tantra and the Spiritual Heart. She believes these teachings can transform the consciousness of anyone who practices them sincerely. Through Yoga, she has found a deep sense of peace and trust, and hopes toshare this in her teachings. More information can be found at her website,