Spiritual Mentorship with Grace

It’s time to go a little deeper. Are you ready?

Spiritual Mentorship invites you to start looking inward and exploring entirely new ways of being in the world. Not doing, being.

Your spiritual adventure is uniquely yours, and you need support. I offer a confidential, safe, loving place for you share your triumphs and challenges and to point you in the direction of growth.


Spiritual Growth

It’s seeing beyond conditions and filters. It’s falling in love with the ego and also letting it slip away. It’s looking for and breaking down the stories, identities, crutches and patterns we’re subconsciously re-creating over and over.

Spiritual growth looks like facing life’s hardest moments with equanimity, acceptance, gratitude and a YES to life.

Spiritual growth is not easy. We need guidance. We need support.  We need tools. We need a safe place to fall apart.

In spiritual mentorship, you’ll be offered practices for exactly where you are. I’ll be here to guide you whenever you’re ready for a check-in and a nudge forward.

What Mentoring Is Not

I’m not going to fix anything for you. Nor will your life transform without committing to see, feel and acknowledge the uncomfortable stuff. Then, your job is to walk right through it to the other side – which is freedom. Every time.

What is required from you is a willingness to change and a commitment to practice. Spiritual growth doesn’t happen by itself. Your on- and off-the-mat practices are what strengthen your aspiration to break out of the box. All the boxes.

This work is not therapy or counseling. In each session you’ll have the chance to share, to be heard, to ask for guidance and to practice. Most importantly, to practice. We’ll find the combined teachings and practices that best speak to your needs, wounds and adventurous path to healing and awakening.

What Mentoring Looks Like

Tools we might explore include:

  • Yoga and movement
  • Breathwork
  • Energy control, expansion and movement
  • Emotional intelligence, awareness and regulation
  • Mindfulness
  • Getting into the subconscious mind and latent tendencies
  • Relationships – with Self, others and Source
  • The revelation of the spiritual heart
Spiritual Growth

Healing Modalities we might draw from:

  • Meditation from around the world
  • Buddhist mindfulness practices
  • Tantric Yoga
  • Heart-opening practices
  • Chakras, koshas and how to unblock energy channels
  • Awareness practices for on and off the mat
  • Empowerment practices
  • Deeper listening skills
  • Somatic & embodied play to heal into traumas and wounds
  • Breathwork
  • Studying spiritual, religious and consciousness texts to find personal applications
  • Drama exercises and games
  • Sound healing
  • Artistic expression
  • Dance & therapeutic movement
  • Finding your voice and vocal expression in speaking and singing
  • Connection to consciousness practitioners and communities

Why Mentoring Is Important

Spiritual Growth

We might think we can figure out the next steps on our own. But the truth is, we can’t. The adventure of breaking free from what holds us back is dark and we’re all feeling our way through by repeating patterns we aren’t aware of.

You know that thing that keeps happening again and again in your life? Want to change it from the root, not just try to avoid it? Spiritual Mentoring might be the help you need to try something new, something you never even dreamed was possible.

How To Get Started

You’re reading this because you have an intuition that there’s more. If you’re ready to ask your deepest questions and unearth the longing to be who you truly are, then please contact me. I’m excited to journey with you.

All sessions are currently online or by phone. Contact me to schedule a free 30-minute intro-call and talk about what ongoing spiritual mentorship might look like for you.


Sliding Scale

60-Minute Session: $75-200 per session

90-Minute Session: $100-250 per session

Your payment is up to you. If you have financial needs beyond this scale, please talk with me. If you’re able to pay towards the higher end of the scale, you’ll be supporting others in their spiritual mentorship.

Spiritual growth takes time…a lot of time. It’s a process we can investigate deeper with a longer commitment to yourself. There is no expiration for our work together.

Grace’s Story

To learn more about me and why I’ve dedicated my life to liberation teachings, check out my story.