deconditioning whiteness coaching

Deconditioning Whiteness Coaching

Anti-Racist Coaching for White-Bodied People

10 Sessions

The cultural snares of the legacy of white supremacy entangle all of us, in all bodies. You’re probably reading this because you’re interested in becoming aware of these snares and learning how to orient away from the embedded white supremacy culture that surrounds you.

Whether you’re new to anti-racism or have been on this path a while, most of us could use a little support shifting the needle on our deconditioning. After all, whiteness is a conditioning, a deep, quiet, impossible to deny conditioning that we most of us were unconsciously gifted. And we have probably continued to uphold theses systems, overtly and covertly – even if we didn’t want to.

Breaking away from ingrained white supremacy culture takes a shift in paradigm – which means seeing, feeling and relating with the world in vastly different ways than we’ve been taught. This process of paradigm shift has to start with how we see, feel and relate with the bodies we are in.

Deconditioning Whiteness Coaching begins by orienting us towards our bodies and how we relate with these bodies we are in. It’s a process of slowly and mindfully learning to take up space in our bodies, and then relating with the real-life impacts being in those bodies has on the world around us.

While every session and coaching relationship is different, I can tell you that our work together will be slow, non-linear, curious, practical, mindful, emotional and relational. You’ll leave most sessions knowing yourself a little more, setting down another slice of identity and with a deeper curiosity for how to see the world through anti-racist eyes.

WHAT DOES deconditioning whiteness coaching look like?

We’ll meet for 1 hour either every week or every other week for a total of 10 sessions.

Some things we may investigate together, exploring slowly and in the body, include:

  • Learning the history of colonization in our bodies and personal narratives
  • Grieving the systems we’ve been given
  • Taking responsibility for the harm caused in proximity to us
  • Getting curious about our participation in systems of oppression
  • Questioning the impact of privilege throughout our life
  • Evaluating default language that contributes to a racist paradigm
  • Looking at the history of racial oppression where we live and the ripples of it now
  • Honestly seeing how we relate with People of Color in our life and orienting to how we want to relate
  • Reading, listening to, and/or watching anti-racist materials with emphasis on somatic integration
  • Peeking into the dark corners of racism in our personal and ancestral past
  • Looking at cultural appropriation and cultural connection in our life
  • Adopting an anti-racist orientation and practices for our lives and our communities

Together we will find inspiration through texts, film, media, music, podcasts, and local anti-racist happenings in your area. You’ll be invited to take your inner work out into the world, to connect with community as you’re ready and to continue feeling the echoes in your body of witnessing the deconditioning of whiteness in the world around you. If this brings up fear, don’t worry. We’ll move through these discomforts together and find ways to connect that are supportive to both you and your communities.


I practice accountability with this work by both offering a reparations model (see below) and consulting with my mentors of Color. I am also in regular collaboration with magikal BIPOC folk I’m honored to call friends and colleagues.

I’ve been inspired and encouraged by many teachers of Color in this work, including Aaron Johnson, Porsha Beed, Hema Ganapathy, Lama Rod Owens, Rev angel Kyodo williams, Resmaa Menakem, Ibram X Kendi, Toni Morrison, adrienne maree brown, Ijeoma Oluo, Audre Lorde, and many more. I’ve also learned so much from white-identified mentors in anti-racism work.

There are many ways to undo white supremacy conditioning for white-identified people. I encourage you to look into many of them, as this cultural conditioning literally grasps every single part of our life.

If you feel aligned with my orientation, I encourage you to get in touch with me and we can see if we are a good fit for your anti-racist journey or if another direction would be helpful. I only take a few clients at a time so you may be on a waitlist for a few months before our sessions can begin.


Sliding Scale Program Cost $750-1500 for 10 sessions

I offer a reparations model for this coaching program. 20% of the package cost will be given to Black, Indigenous and People of Color that we will thoughtfully connect with based on your life. My invitation is to offer 10% to the native tribes whose land you are living on and 10% to an anti-racist or BIPOC owned organization that touches your life. We’ll figure out the details of this as we begin your program.

If you have spent your life more resourced: Please consider that what you contribute supports others’ access to coaching. Your contribution will always be up to you and I invite you get creative with your time and resources as to how a flow of valuing would best support you, me and others in our shared communities.

If you have spent your life more marginalized, oppressed and under-resourced: Please consider that you are already contributing your energy and labor in the world in ways that folks with resource don’t have to. I invite you to let go of shame or societal guilt and consider paying the lowest end of the scale, asking for another amount if that would serve your family best, or offering a creative exchange that genuinely feels good in your body. Please reach out to start the conversation if you’d like to get creative together.

I acknowledge that for some, this offering may not be easeful in valuing of our sessions. I think this is beneficial. Capitalism, and therefore racism, and its inequities survive because we don’t think about it, don’t talk about it, and don’t challenge it. Our global society has created thousands of ways to spend money and not even think about it. I’m encouraging all of us to be in a more transparent relationship with how we live in integrity with our values as best we can. If we’re not looking at this, then we are not addressing some of the deepest and trickiest aspects of whiteness.

If this touches a yearning in you, I encourage you to get in touch with me. I’m primarily seeing people online in the current paradigm. Let’s set up an intro call and see if we resonate.

Contact me to inquire about availability and an intro chat.


COURSE LAUNCH: July 25-31, 2022
Launch Special: Course and Deep Dive with Aaron & Grace (Aug 25 or 27, 2022)