Silence Meets Soma

two women smiling and dancing

Join Jamie and Grace in a 4-day silent retreat in nature to draw into your Self and your Source. This retreat will lead you to quiet your entire system in order to re-awaken your senses. Together we will unravel traumas and contractions as we engage our bodies in practices of drawing in, cleansing and
moving through.

This weekend, let go of what keeps you from your dream; Let go – into the abyss of your Self.

Group sessions include daily guided breath-work and meditation, tools to release stored traumas and contractions, movement, sound and ceremony. You will leave with a blueprint for integrating your daily practice – the foundation for healing. Come prepared to cleanse every dimension, seen and unseen, as we engage all systems in a conscious slowing down and reawaken our intuition to inwardly listen and heal.

Our food will reflect this intention to slow down and dissect our distractions. We will spend a day in digestive silence through fasting and cleansing practices. All other meals will be light, fresh, organic, vegetarian, gluten, dairy and allergen-free. And, of course, made with Love.

Held at the beautiful Sahale Retreat Center on the Washington Peninsula outside Belfair, participants will have ample time to explore the earth and water, take a hot or cold soak, and breathe and dance in the pristine natural surroundings of the rainforest. This is the perfect setting for you to remember your connection to the natural healing rhythms that live within and around you at all times.

The retreat will be held in a sacred container of silence with opening and closing rituals. We ask all attendees to arrive and depart as one group (times below) to honor this container. You will be fully supported as we guide you to re-discover your inner healer in this uniquely created weekend of deep connection.

You are so much more than what you experience, see and know.

Your magnificent body holds all of the wisdom to heal and awaken, to remember the spirit of your soul and let go…