Empower Your Relationships

Sexuality is the most powerful force within us. And the most neglected. Even if you’ve somehow managed to educate yourself about sexuality (amidst the constant stream of negativity, stereotypes and taboo in our culture), you probably haven’t found fertile ground to grow this knowledge in a safe and nurturing space.

I’ve noticed a huge shift in myself and my spiritual growth over the last several years of intentionally connecting with my own sexuality and femininity. Learning to explore this sacred and hidden aspect of ourselves invites an even deeper exploration of Self, how we connect with those around us, and how to cultivate loving, supportive, and passionate relationships.

This work is where the magic happens. If you are ready to dive deeper, uncover your blockages, connect fearlessly with yourself and others, and learn how conscious sexuality will bring your spiritual practice to a whole new level, then keep reading.


About 2You – fierce, strong and powerful woman – know there’s more out there. You have dreams and aspirations to be the best version of yourself that you can be. And maybe even to touch the Sacredness that lies just below the surface, waiting to be discovered. To unleash the hidden potential that lives within you… the Goddess.

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Are you ready to reignite that spark and connection in your intimate relationship? With your family and friends? With yourself? This introductory Tantric Sacred Sexuality workshop will renew your passion, direction and desire, both in and out of the bedroom. Both individuals and couples can benefit from this esoteric knowledge, rarely found in the west, in a safe, open and supportive space. All material is LGBTQ friendly and open to all sexual orientations.

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Tantric Conscious Relationships Workshop

Tantric RelationshipsHow can I bring spirituality into my relationship? How can I make space for a deep, authentic connection in my life? How can I bring more love into my life, into my relationships, into the world? This is your invitation to explore these topics in a safe, open and supportive place. Join us for this workshop which will give you an experiential understanding of these topics from the perspective of Yoga and Tantra. The workshop will be filled with powerful exercises to do alone, in couples and in larger groups.

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