zen squareOur lives are busy. We’re on the go most of the time and that has led to chronic exhaustion, running on empty, too much to do and not enough time, lack of sleep, malnourished bodies and disease. This constant movement is yang, which is the active side of life. And for a lot of us, it’s excessive yang.

In the Eastern traditions, energy fits into two categories: yin and yang. Together they lead to balance. Apart: imbalance.

Yin yoga is a powerful tool to bring us back into balance. In each session we hold restful poses to heal and nourish the body and calm the mind. Each posture has a therapeutic, energetic, and mental focus that will leave you feeling more connected and grounded after just a single class. Students have reported better sleep, a quieter mind, less anxiety, pain relief and an ability to think more clearly.

What is unique about yin yoga is that, physically, it works on the level of the connective tissue, which is deeper than the muscles. Opening and releasing on this level can clear years of chronic stiffness, injury, emotional trauma and anxiety. It also restores balance and harmony by opening the nadis or meridians, the energy lines that connect the entire body.

Yin practices also incorporate meditation, mental focus and mindfulness and give you to the tools to keep practicing at home. That means you take home the ability to bring more joy, ease and stability to your life. And we always end our practice with a long guided relaxation. 

This is a great practice for any age, experience or ability. It’s also wonderful for pregnant and post-natal women.


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  • Grace is a genuine and patient yoga teacher. She offers a welcoming environment in which to explore and reflect, regardless of your experience level. She encourages you to grow and take risks, and has a great enthusiasm for her practice. I have come out of all of my experiences with her feeling a sense of calm and balance.

    Karen English Teacher in Seoul