Heal Your BodyYoga has been called “the perfect exercise.” It can heal, strengthen and open nearly every part of the body. It also restores and optimizes healthy functioning on levels we don’t even realize.

Tantric Hatha Yoga works on all levels of the being – the body, breath, mind, consciousness and spirit – and gives a holistic practice to improve your life in a conscious and empowered way. Not only do you work on your physical body, building strength, stamina, confidence, flexibility and rejuvenation, you bring a new awareness to internal shifts you can make by focusing your mind, awakening dormant energies and attuning to life in new and profound ways.

Most of us have an area that needs healing, whether from injury, repetitive movement, poor posture, lack of core strength, or just life getting in the way of us taking care of our bodies. Hatha Yoga meets you wherever you are – physically, mentally, emotionally – and acts as a springboard to take you to the next level of your evolution.

If you would like to schedule an individual session or small group offering, please contact me personally. I love to create new classes and workshops that focus on the specific needs of participants.


Evolution SeriesWhat do you really need? Right now? It’s waiting for you, and the Evolution Series can show you how to reach it. This unique Yoga series can help you uncover what’s been in the way of your personal and spiritual growth and springboard you to lasting change in your life. You’ll get 18 hours of yoga theory and practice that builds every week for a cumulative knowledge that goes much deeper than your typical yoga class. And it works for anyone, whether you’re brand new or have been practicing for years, no matter your level of health or fitness.

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Diving Deep

Open yourself to joy, love and an open-hearted life!

The heart chakra governs our ability feel deep love, connect with others, offer compassion, forgive and surrender. These are essential in moving into the recognition of our true nature, the essence of our being. Connecting to the heart also empowers us to live more fully and authentically, with more energy and balance.

This workshop is an invitation to the wellspring of love, peace and wholeness that resides in you, you simply need to find the door. Through a calm, heart opening yoga sequence, heart chakra meditations and other tools, youll leave feeling more centered, balanced and connected, both inward and outward. All levels and abilities welcome. Come as you are, ready to shed the layers of 2016 and make way for a more full expression of you.

2:00 – 4:00pm Saturday, December 17th
At Three Trees Yoga in Federal Way

$25 in advance, $30 at the door

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Our lives are busy. We’re on the go most of the time and that has led to chronic exhaustion, running on empty, too much to do and not enough time, lack of sleep, malnourished bodies and disease. This constant movement is yang, which is the active side of life. And for a lot of us, it’s excessive yang.

In the Eastern traditions, energy fits into two categories: yin and yang. Together they lead to balance. Apart: imbalance.

Yin yoga is a powerful tool to bring us back into balance. In each session we hold restful poses to heal and nourish the body and calm the mind.

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Embracing the seasonHow can yoga prepare us for the change in seasons and the needs of our body and spirit? This workshop will teach you specific techniques that yoga and Ayurveda have to offer to adapt to the changing seasons. Whether we are quieting our body and preparing for the reflection of winter nights, waking up to spring’s radiance, settling into the fire energy of summer or staying present through the colorful transformation of fall, adding consciousness to your daily routine and practice will help you stay balanced.

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