Full Body Orgasms

We’re all capable of experiencing rolling waves of pleasure, energy and bliss pulsing through our entire being. Come to this 3-hour workshop and find out how.

Tantra: Returning to Love

Whether you practice Tantra on your cushion, in your relationship or in any other aspect of life, the intentional awareness of returning to Love can bring a profound transformation of life’s [...]


A day of silent meditation, rejuvenating and relaxing hatha yoga and daily life awareness practices that can lead to a life of stillness, surrender, and joy.

Alone, Grateful and Confused

Normally at this time of year people send out a little wrap-up of their year in progress, things they’ve accomplished, trips taken, family milestones, and plans for the new year. That is not the [...]

What’s Next or What’s Now?

I have been beyond blessed this summer to spend time, both in Seattle and in the beauty of the northwest, with friends, family and loved ones. I danced and loved at two yoga festivals in BC, [...]

Liberated Living

Ten months ago I left Seattle with a very large backpack, an adventurous spirit, the intention to connect to myself and my partner, to find a greater sense of compassion for the world’s diverse [...]

My Lifelong Fear of Being Still

As my partner, Circus, and I sail down the coast toward San Francisco, stopping at ports for a few nights here and there, the transition of being “gone” is a strange one. Usually when [...]

Choosing Partnership Over Fear

Recently, I’ve begun to reexamine the question “Why Am I Here”? You probably know that I believe everything exists for a reason, all at the right moment, and I trust that I am being [...]