Awakening to the Spiritual Heart: A One-Day Silent Retreat

Come for a day of silence and take peek into the deeper dimension of your being. If you’ve yet to experience the intimacy of silence, you will never forget the gateway it can be to Love, presence [...]

What is an Identity?

In my work, both personal and professional, I spend a lot of energy becoming aware of identities, both my own and supporting those I work with in uncovering theirs. But what is an identity? [...]



The word Hridaya is a composite of the Sanskrit words “hrid” and “ayam”, meaning Heart Center. Join Karissa Grace for this unique weekend, giving yourself a profound opportunity to quiet the [...]

Polyamory is Figureoutable

Read the whole article on I’m a newbie to the poly world. I’ve only been living in conscious non-monogamy for the last six years, more or less consciously depending on the year and [...]

Are you loving fearlessly?

My New Year’s intention for 2016 was two-fold: 1) Live fully empowered in each moment, and 2) Love fearlessly. Well, when that’s what you’re putting out, take a guess what you’ll be getting back. [...]