Soma Meets Silence 4 day Silent Retreat in the Beautiful Methow Valley, Washington

This weekend, let go of what keeps you from your dream; Let go – into the abyss of your Self. Join Jamie and Grace in 4 days of silence, community and nature to draw into your Self and your [...]

Home is Where Your Family Is

My spiritual journey has been the most practical time of my life. And by practical, I mean that practically speaking this path of connecting to Spirit has made countless changes in my everyday [...]


Celebrating Our Mother-Daughter Relationships – Seattle

The perfect gift for Mother’s Day. Quality Time together to celebrate and appreciate your Mother/Daughter and explore how your relationship can be even better!

Alone, Grateful and Confused

Normally at this time of year people send out a little wrap-up of their year in progress, things they’ve accomplished, trips taken, family milestones, and plans for the new year. That is not the [...]