Join us for this special weekend, giving yourself a unique and profound opportunity to quiet the mind, rejuvenate the body and open the heart. The Hridaya Silent Meditation & Yoga Retreat will be three days spent in noble silence, allowing time to drop the everyday acts of doing and sink into just being.

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Silence Meets Soma

Thursday, Sept 28@ 5pmSunday, Oct 1@ 2pm
Skalitude Retreat Center, Methow Valley, WA

Join Jamie and Grace in 4 days of silence, community and nature to draw into your Self and your Source. This retreat will lead you to quiet your entire system in order to re-awaken your senses. Together we will unravel traumas and contractions as we engage our bodies in practices of drawing in, cleansing and moving through. We will learn to reflect upon the Earth’s natural rhythms and draw in the energies of the Autumnal Solstice – dreams, reflections and letting go.

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Planting Seeds: Relationship Communication Toolkit

Ready to find the courage to speak your truth in your relationships?

Are you able to make requests of your partner without fear of rejection?

Do you embrace the mess in relationship?!? Would you like to practice forgiveness and accountability with kindness and compassion for self and other?

Come and play with Randy and Grace for this evening workshop to develop tools for communicating and manifesting your Relationship intentions more consciously.

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Planting Seeds: Create the Relationship(s) You Want

We all crave more fulfilling relationships.

Relationships that celebrate our individuality and our shared vision as a couple. Where the challenges of being intimate and vulnerable with a partner are met with gratitude and a willingness to grow together.

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Classes & Series


Yin yoga is a powerful tool to bring us back into balance. In each session we hold restful poses to heal and nourish the body and calm the mind. Each posture has a therapeutic, energetic, and mental focus that will leave you feeling more connected and grounded after just a single class. Students have reported better sleep, a quieter mind, less anxiety, pain relief and an ability to think more clearly.

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Awakening Shakti: An Online Women’s Series – Coming Soon!