I am delighted to offer you these 10 unique meditation tracks from different meditation and mindfulness traditions around the world. Whether you’re a brand new meditator or have been practicing for years, you’re sure to find some peace and quiet with these calming and centering tracks. Each has a different flavor so you can find the one that resonates most with you. Which one is best? Whatever suits your unique taste at that moment. It might be a different practice at different times of the day. Or on different days.

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The tracks below are different lengths so you can fit them into whatever part of your day you need. First thing in the morning, at the office, during your lunch break, winding down the day or just before bed. You can also combine them for a longer practice. Like a consecration, breathing practice and then a longer compassion or so hum meditation. These practices are perfect anytime and will guide you into more awareness and presence as you step off your cushion (or chair or bed or car…just don’t shut your eyes when you’re doing that).

Each track is $1.79 if purchased individually. Or I’ve bundled them all together for a 30% discount if you want to dig deeper into meditation. You can also give them as a gift, a little nudge to someone in your life to step onto the path of inner and outer discovery. All 10 tracks are included in the Meditation Package for $12.99. Clicking the links below will take you to SendOwl where you can purchase the individual tracks or package for yourself or your loved ones.

Questions? Not sure where to start? Want to know more or work with me in person? Please contact me and we’ll work together to discover your most whole and happy self.

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Meditation Package

All 10 unique meditation tracks – 30% discount for the entire package!

5-10 minutes

Centering & Consecration (5:00)

A centering meditation to connect with your heart and start your day or a new project with intention and inspiration

Breathing Practice (9:00)

A practice to connect with the breath, energize the body and calm the mind

Body Scan Mindfulness Practice (13:30)

A guided practice which awakens awareness in the entire body, centers the mind and brings attention to the present moment

5-Part Mindfulness Practice (13:30)

A five-part practice that takes you through the body, emotions, mind and higher awareness

Witness Consciousness Practice (14:00)

A guide to observing thoughts with nonattachment and letting go of mental reaction and judgment

15-20 minutes

Compassion Meditation (15:00)

A meditation for cultivating loving kindness and compassion for yourself and others

Blue Sky Meditation (15:00)

A guided meditation which brings groundedness and stillness to the body, calm the mind and an expansive feeling of being

Expansion Meditation (17:00)

A practice to both center and expand awareness which helps with letting go of limiting thoughts, bringing freedom and restfulness

So Hum Meditation (18:00)

A powerful internal mantra meditation

Questions? Not sure where to start? Want to know more or work with me in person? Please contact me and we’ll work together to discover your most whole and happy self.