Why Sexuality & Relationship Coaching?

Becoming conscious in relationships and sexuality is a path that asks us to get real with ourselves and how we live in the world every moment. In Conscious Sexuality & Relationship Coaching, we learn to explore the sacred and hidden aspects of ourselves, which invites an even deeper exploration of Self, how we connect with those around us, and how to cultivate loving, supportive, and passionate relationships. A juicy side effect is also becoming empowered in your sexuality, preparing yourself to find your perfect partner and/or deepening the intimacy and spark with your present partner.

What does Coaching look like?

In my Coaching Sessions, I create a safe, confidential space of sharing, guidance and education for my clients to explore their inner landscape, acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses and make conscious choices of how to improve their lives. That might look like breathing techniques, hatha yoga, bodywork, guided meditations and visualizations, dialogue, sharing and feedback. A lot of the work centers around energy, specifically learning to perceive, control, and move energy for different reasons and in different ways.

Can I choose sexuality OR relationships?

Absolutely. It’s up to you want you’d like to work with. We can incorporate any pieces that you need like how to uncover hidden blockages, awaken your desire, bring more vitality to your life, become more ready to date or find new ways to connect with a long-term partner, to name a few. Contact me to talk about what area(s) of your life we can help empower, heal and awaken.

Does Coaching mean sex therapy?

No. But it could. Both ancient and modern practices of sacred sexuality tell us that sexuality is the most powerful force within us – and the most neglected. Even if you’ve been able to educate yourself about sexuality (amidst the constant stream of negativity, stereotypes and taboo in our culture), you may not have found fertile ground to grow this knowledge in a safe and nurturing space. So that can certainly be part of our work, if it resonates with you.

What to expect from Coaching:

  • Connect more authentically with yourself and others
  • Reclaim your sensuality, sexuality and your unique vibrant expressive self
  • Break through blockages to empower your choices
  • Uncover fears and shadows that hold you back from having the most fulfilling relationships
  • Access more sexuality within your being, and learn to live from a place of sexual empowerment and confidence
  • Discover your orgasmic potential
  • Gain sensitivity to parts of yourself you’ve turned off and learn how to control overly sensitive parts
  • Turn down anxiety, worry, stress, and mental triggers, replacing those with relaxation, centeredness, rest and self-care
  • Feel more balanced, empowered, grounded, and uplifted

My personal experience:

Liberated Living (561x640)

I am passionate about Coaching because bringing more and more consciousness to my own sexuality and relationships has transformed my life. As the path has unfolded before me, many new relationships have come out of the woodwork and continue to surprise me with what new aspects of myself they uncover. Living these values has drastically changed and helped how I relate with my family, friends, lovers and partners. I am more grounded when I feel triggered or defensive. I can speak my truth while clearly and kindly expressing my needs and desires. And I’m able to use my conscious and unconscious mind to manifest what I actually want, not the repetitive, habitual thoughts that used to keep me stuck.

Intentionally connecting with my own sexuality and femininity has caused so much growth in myself and my spirituality. I’m better able to learn lessons as I go and accept the mess of being human and being in relationship with other humans. It’s resting on the edge between presence and surrender, yang and yin, Shiva and Shakti. I’ve learned that every experience is a part of the divine dance, thus a means for liberation instead of bondage. The sacred is in every moment and nothing is separate from “the path.”

Okay, now what?

This work is where the magic happens. If you are ready to dive deeper, I encourage you to get in touch with me. Depending on your location, sessions can be in person – in office, in home, or online. For the most comprehensive work, a package of three to six sessions (2 hours each) can allow you to go deeper. Each session is unique based on the needs of the client.

I offer these coachings on a sliding scale so everyone can access personalized resources to becoming their most whole, happy self. Please evaluate your own ability based on these sliding scale rates:

Single Session: $125 – $250
Three Sessions: $495 – $650
Six Sessions: $895 – $1200

Coaching for Women could include:

  • Reclaiming your inner goddess and power
  • Understanding your sexual energy and sexuality
  • Reprogramming negative thought patterns around body image
  • Unlocking orgasmic potential
  • Releasing trauma stored in the body
  • Becoming a better lover
  • Reigniting that spark in a relationship
  • Opening the heart
  • Exploring nonattachment and acceptance in relationships
  • Deepening your capacity for surrender

Coaching for Men could include:

  • Stepping into your empowered masculinity
  • How to be a better lover
  • Increasing virility and longevity
  • Experiencing full body orgasm
  • Reigniting that spark in a relationship
  • Letting go of fears around intimacy
  • Healing wounds from past relationships
  • Opening the heart
  • Becoming mindful and present

Coaching for Couples could include ALL of the above, plus:

  • Tools for more effective communication
  • Understanding your partner better
  • Unlocking blockages to find deeper, more fulfilling connection
  • How to turn each other on again
  • New tricks for the bedroom that you KNOW you partner will enjoy
  • Mastering sexual energy and learning to channel it together
  • Turning your sex life into a love life

Fill out the contact form to get started!

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I’ll do my best to contact you within 48 hours. In the unlikely case that you don’t hear from me, please contact me at grace@bewholebehappy.com directly.

Love and Gratitude,


  • If there is a modern day living sage/goddess/shakti teacher, Grace is her in the flesh. I don’t know anyone else so devoted and devout in living her truth as Grace. This truth I speak of is self-love cultivation, female power resurrection, chakra health and tantric sexuality health regeneration, compassion and interconnectedness in everything for all. Above all, Grace is a powerful teacher and spiritual coach who gifts us her mystical teachings through a modern day palatable lens. Thank you, Grace!

    Jen Seattle Massage Therapist